Promising New Drug to Prevent Type 1 Diabetes

FDA in the US has approved a drug that can delay the onset of Type 1 Diabetes. This new drug named teplizumab is not yet available on the market, but can delay the onset of Diabetes by an average of 2 years and in some cases, much longer up to 11 years. The drug isContinue reading “Promising New Drug to Prevent Type 1 Diabetes”

DRTC and Conference Sponsorship

DRTC has over the years promoted Diabetes research, education and treatment as a Sponsor of a variety of conferences in collaboration with many like-minded organizations, funders and research institutions. DRTC has partnered with many organizations including: Friends of CIHR, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS), Banting Research Foundation (BRF), Royal Canadian Institute for the AdvancementContinue reading “DRTC and Conference Sponsorship”

Diabetes and COVID-19

Many case reports have noted that COVID-19 infection is associated with an increased incidence of Diabetes Mellitus.  The causal mechanisms have not been established.  In a recent population-based cohort study reported in Diabetes Care, Holman, N. et al. ( compared the incidence of Diabetes following hospital admission for COVID-19 to a matched group with non-COVID-19Continue reading “Diabetes and COVID-19”


The Diabetes Research and Treatment Centre (DRTC) is an interdisciplinary centre whose function is to promote research, education and treatment aspects of diabetes in this province. Although initially established in 1996 within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba, it is anticipated that the Diabetes Research and Treatment Centre will develop broad supportContinue reading “History”

2021 Friesen Prizewinner Dr. Lorne Tyrrell

The Ottawa Leaders’ Breakfast hosted by CHEO RI and OHRI – September 7, 2022: “Why are Cracks Emerging in Canada’s Health Care System and How Can They be Repaired?” 2022 Leaders’ Breakfast & Roundtable – Ottawa – Lord Elgin Hotel – September 7, 2022 Front Row – Left to Right:  Miss Cristina S. Castellvi (Admin,Continue reading “2021 Friesen Prizewinner Dr. Lorne Tyrrell”