2021 Friesen Prizewinner Dr. Lorne Tyrrell

The Ottawa Leaders’ Breakfast hosted by CHEO RI and OHRI – September 7, 2022:

“Why are Cracks Emerging in Canada’s Health Care System and How Can They be Repaired?”

2022 Leaders’ Breakfast & Roundtable – Ottawa – Lord Elgin Hotel – September 7, 2022

Front Row – Left to Right:  Miss Cristina S. Castellvi (Admin, FCIHR); Mrs. Katie Lafferty (Chair, Board of Directors, OHRI); Dr. Andrea Baumann (FCIHR Board Member; Assoc. VP Global Health, McMaster); Dr. Sarah Funnell (Founding Director, Centre for Indigenous Health Research & Education, U Ottawa); Dr. Erna Snelgrove-Clarke (Prof., Vice-Dean (Hlth Sci) & Director, School of Nursing, Queen’s University); Dr. Lorne Tyrrell (2021 Friesen Prizewinner; Founder & Director, Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology); Mrs. LeeAnn Tyrrell; Dr. Jason Berman (CEO & Scientific Director, CHEO RI).

Second Row – L to R:  Dr. Lynne-Marie Postovit (FCIHR Board; Prof. & Head, Dept Biomed. & Molecular Sci, Queen’s University); Dr. Kathleen Pajer (Prof. & former Chair, Dept. Psychiatry, U Ottawa & Chief of Psychiatry, CHEO); Mrs. Robyn Berman (Clinical Lead Midwife, Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre); Dr. David Malkin (President, FCIHR; Staff Oncologist, Division of Hematology/Oncology, Sick Kids).

Third Row – L to R:  Dr. Alex MacKenzie (Secretary, FCIHR Executive; Senior Scientist, CHEO Research Institute); Ms. Nicola Katz (Director of Communications, Genome Canada); Dr. Reinhart Reithmeier (Treasurer, FCIHR Executive; Prof. Biochemistry, U of T).

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