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Leadership of DRTC
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President and Treasurer: Dr. Aubie Angel (Toronto)

Vice President and Secretary: Dr. Grant Pierce (Winnipeg)

Director: Dr. Naranjan Dhalla (Winnipeg)

Promising New Drug to Prevent Type 1 Diabetes

FDA in the US has approved a drug that can delay the onset of Type 1 Diabetes. This new drug named teplizumab is not yet available on the market, but can delay the onset of Diabetes by an average of 2 years and in some cases, much longer up to 11 years. The drug is…

DRTC and Conference Sponsorship

DRTC has over the years promoted Diabetes research, education and treatment as a Sponsor of a variety of conferences in collaboration with many like-minded organizations, funders and research institutions. DRTC has partnered with many organizations including: Friends of CIHR, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS), Banting Research Foundation (BRF), Royal Canadian Institute for the Advancement…

Diabetes and COVID-19

Many case reports have noted that COVID-19 infection is associated with an increased incidence of Diabetes Mellitus.  The causal mechanisms have not been established.  In a recent population-based cohort study reported in Diabetes Care, Holman, N. et al. (https://doi.org/10.2337/dc22-0670) compared the incidence of Diabetes following hospital admission for COVID-19 to a matched group with non-COVID-19…

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