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Trans-9,Trans-11 Conjugated Linoleic Acid Decreases Triglyceride Accumulation in Primary Cultures of Pre-Adipocytes from Human and Hamster Adipose Tissues
V.C. Gavino*, G.G. Gavino & R.-M. Pelletier
Dèpartement de Nutrition, Universitè de Montrèal, Montrèal QC

CLA preparations exhibit several biological effects in various experimental models. This pleiotropic behaviour may be partly due to proportions of specific CLA isomers found in commercial preparations, given that each particular isomer may have unique biological properties relative to the other forms. Since it has been shown that CLA preparations favorably modulate lipid metabolism in mammals, we tested specific CLA isomers for their ability to influence lipid-filling in primary cultures of stromal-vascular cells from human and hamster adipose tissues. One such isomer is the trans-9,trans-11 form, present in milkfat and in commercial CLA preparations at approximately 10% and 6.5% of total CLA, respectively. We exposed cells to 50(M concentrations of various pure CLA isomers using linoleic acid as control. Extent of differentiation, measured by induction of cellular glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, was the same for all groups. The trans-9,trans-11 isomer compared to linoleic acid, lowered lipid-filling by 85% and 45% in human and hamster pre-adipocytes, respectively. In contrast, the trans-10,cis-12 isomer decreased lipid-filling in human cells by 30%, and had no effect on hamster cells compared to control. We conclude that the trans-9,trans-11 isomer may contribute to the overall effect of CLA preparations on body fat.

Funded by the Dairy Farmers of Canada and by NSERC.

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